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What is an access control system, and why do you need one?

An access control system is a business security system that lets you control and monitor who accesses your place of business.

This is done using keyless door locks including keypad locks and fingerprint locks, as well as security cameras and other technologies depending on your business’s security needs.

Benefits of access control systems

Higher security than physical keys

While a physical key can easily be duplicated at a corner store, a keycard is much more difficult to copy, increasing the security of your business.

Track who accesses your premises

With personally-identifying access keys like cards, PIN codes, or fingerprints, you can track exactly who enters or leaves your premises, as well as when.

No more lost keys

Let employees access your facilities using PIN codes and forget about having to make copies of your key when someone loses theirs.

Restrict access to specific rooms

Let your employees’ keycards open all your facility doors except your office or the storage area.

Restrict access to certain times

Don’t want employees in the storage room after dark? Set your access control system to lock out everyone except you at night.

Allow access to only certain people

Want your assistant manager to have access to your office, but not the new hire? No problem. Your access control system can control whether specific people can enter certain rooms or not.

Easily manage multiple sites

Do you operate multiple sites or buildings? Let your employees easily access your other properties through your access control system. No need for extra keys.

Easier employee onboarding and offboarding

No more having to run to the convenience store to make a copy of your key for the new hire. Just give them their own PIN code or provide fingerprint access.

Employee leaving? Simply revoke their access in your access control system and don’t worry about getting back a physical key.

Low maintenance

Access control systems which are cloud-based update automatically, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining your system.

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